It can be frustrating to deal with thinning hair or premature hair loss. Whether it’s caused by genetics, aging, or a medical condition, it can make you feel insecure. The good news is there is a way you can resolve thinning hair or premature hair loss without surgery. PRP for hair loss can help you grow thicker, fuller hair and completely restore your confidence. Keep reading to learn how this revolutionary treatment works.

Prp for Hair Loss Boston

What is PRP?

Before we go into the PRP for hair loss procedure, let’s explain what PRP is. Plasma is the part of your blood that contains platelets, which help it clot. PRP is derived from plasma that gets isolated and concentrated. If PRP gets injected into damaged or aging tissues, it can encourage your body to produce healthy new cells and promote the natural process of healing.

The PRP for Hair Loss Procedure

PRP for hair loss begins when blood is drawn from your arm by our phlebotomist or nurse. After this step, one of our dermatologists will place it into a centrifuge and separate your red blood cells from plasma. This will further concentrate them and allow for higher amounts of platelets. 

When the PRP has been isolated and concentrated by a proprietary system that also activates the plasma cells, your dermatologists will inject it into the thinning area of your scalp. The PRP will stimulate the dormant follicles to grow again and existing hair to become healthier and thicker.  Density and thickness improve in the vast majority of patients.

How Many PRP Treatments are Necessary?

Although every case is different, we often suggest three treatments (one each month), a 4th treatment three months later, and follow up injections at 6 month intervals for maintenance. We’ll also suggest special hair growth supplements and topical products that can also improve your hair and help maintain your results.

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Good Candidates for PRP for Hair Loss

If you have thinning hair, premature hair loss, or androgenic (male pattern) alopecia, PRP for hair loss may be a life-changing treatment. It can also help if you’re struggling with a receding hairline or hope to improve your hair without an invasive surgical procedure or lengthy recovery period. Our dermatologists discourage this treatment if you’re on blood thinners, immunosuppressants, or if you have severe, longstanding hair loss.

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Take the Next Step

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