Ready to say goodbye to your biggest signs of sun damage, including wrinkles, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation?

Take a look at the four steps for getting rid of sun damage once and for all!

Sun Damage Boston

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Here’s How to Get Rid of Sun Damaged Skin

1. Make an appointment with your dermatologist right away.

A good dermatologist can assess your current sun damage and provide you with recommendations on how to get rid of the biggest repercussions of your sun exposed life (like wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, precancerous lesions and more).

At Krauss Dermatology in Wellesley, MA, we specialize in treatments that help fade the signs of sun damage. Best of all, we offer a diverse menu of sun damage treatments, meaning you’ll find the solution that’s right for you.

Our sun damage treatment options include:

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2. Wear sun protection religiously.

Whether you’re treating current sun damage or want to avoid accumulating new symptoms, sunscreen can help protect your skin from early aging, pigmentation, sun spots, and more. Wear a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF, as this can provide protection against most UVA/UVB rays.  Wear a hat and sunglasses to truly up your sun protection game.  Add sun protective long sleeved high neck shirts to avoid destroying your decollete and arms while playing tennis and golf, spending at day at the beach and walking the dog.

Sun Damage Consultations Available

3. Upgrade your professional skincare regimen.

Sun damage means your skin is likely thirsty for sunscreen, a good moisturizer, and an anti-oxidant serum. It’s worth upgrading your skincare regimen to products developed and approved by board-certified dermatologists for the purpose of fading your sun damage symptoms.

4. Schedule regular appointments with your dermatologist.

Sun damage means you’ve exposed your skin to harmful UV rays; that’s why we recommend making annual appointments with your dermatologist. These appointments can ensure that your dermatologist examines and tracks any unusual moles and identifies any suspicious precancerous or cancerous lesions that may be present on your skin.

“I have been seeing Dr. Krauss for probably eight years and my boys all see other doctors in the practice. They are thorough, nice, timely, have a great staff, and really keep our skin looking great. If you are curious about cosmetic procedures they offer everything under the sun and never push you to do things. Highly recommended.”*

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