Are you ready to prevent lines and wrinkles instead of waiting for them to appear? Botox® can prevent wrinkles from forming in addition to relaxing lines and furrows you already have, so you keep your smooth, youthful look. Botox® results begin to appear within days and last for months, making preventative maintenance easy.

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What is Botox® (Botulinum Toxin)?

The active ingredient in Botox® and related products is called botulinum toxin. The FDA has approved Botox® to treat horizontal forehead lines, creases between the brows (glabellar lines), and crow’s feet. It also works well around the mouth, chin, and neck. At Krauss Dermatology, Botox® injections are administered by board-certified dermatologists. We are an Allergan Top 500 Botox® Provider and pride ourselves on providing the best possible Botox® results. 

How Does Botox® Work?

The muscles that create our facial expressions also fold and crease the skin. Over time, the repeated creasing starts to leave permanent lines and wrinkles. When injected, Botox® precisely targets the facial nerves that cause specific muscles to contract. When the muscle relaxes and stops pulling, the skin, lines, and wrinkles can relax and become smooth. 

How Does Botox® Prevent Wrinkles?

If Botox® relaxes wrinkles, what can it do for someone who has not developed many yet? Botox® does more than soften existing wrinkles. By interfering with the nerve signals to targeted muscles, the common areas of furrowing between the brows, crows feet, forehead and upper lip, wrinkles don’t form and the areas stay smooth.  Wrinkles are prevented.

Preventative Botox® has become increasingly popular among people as young as their late twenties and thirties. But when is too soon to treat?  It is best to wait until there is a fine line at rest in any given area before treating.  This prevents unnecessary treatment.

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Is Botulinum Toxin Safe?

Botox® has been FDA-approved for decades for both medical and cosmetic use. It is even safe to use in areas as delicate as the eye muscles. With a board-certified dermatologist providing your treatment, you can rest assured that your safety is a primary concern. Botulinum toxin does not cause any harm to nerves or muscles, and once the Botox® wears off, regular communication resumes, and so do muscle contractions. 

What Results Will I See With Botox®?

Results from Botox® usually take three to five days to begin to appear, and a full 14 days to see full effectiveness. If you have had preventative Botox®, you will notice that the skin does not crease or fold as much during your facial expressions. Your results will last between three and six months. They tend to last longer if you have had several treatments already. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Botox® to Prevent Wrinkles?

If you are in your twenties, thirties, or forties and want to avoid lines and wrinkles, Botox® can help. You may be a good candidate if you have reasonable expectations and do not have a history of muscle weakness such as myasthenia gravis.  Be sure to discuss with your doctor any previous treatments with neurotoxins (such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin or Jeauveau) and if you had any adverse reactions.

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