Have you noticed that your hair looks thinner? PRP can help reverse your hair loss and stimulate new growth in conjunction with other hair loss treatments. This procedure harnesses the power of platelets from your blood to create ideal conditions for hair growth and encourage dormant follicles to reactivate. 

What is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) comes from a small sample of your own blood. A centrifuge separates this blood so the plasma layer containing the platelets can be extracted. PRP has many uses. It can improve the healing of joint and muscle injuries and help rejuvenate the skin. It contains growth factors to activate dormant hair follicles and improve scalp health.

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How Does PRP Work to Reverse Hair Loss?

When used for hair loss, PRP extracted from your blood is injected into the scalp. Injecting concentrated PRP allows the body to experience maximum benefits. 

PRP contains growth factors that awaken stem cells and trigger the growth of new blood vessels in the area. As a result, follicles begin to grow healthier, thicker hair in thinning areas. A better blood supply to the scalp leads to better hair health and fuller, longer-lasting hair. A dermatologist with experience in PRP hair restoration will manage your treatment and perform your injections. 

How Many PRP Treatments Will I Need?

We recommend an initial series of three treatments spaced one month apart, followed by another treatment at the three-month mark. Most people will need maintenance treatments every six months. Your dermatologist will work with you to develop a treatment plan including other topical medications such as minoxidil and oral agents such as supplements.

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What Results Will I See With PRP for Hair Loss?

Results develop over time as new hair begins to grow from your now-active follicles. Most patients will see denser, fuller-looking hair, especially in thinning areas. This hair will grow healthy and vibrant, so you feel more confident and can style your hair the way you like to. PRP enhances the results of other hair restoration treatments. 

Is There Any Downtime With PRP for Hair Loss?

Your scalp may feel sore and sensitive for a few days after treatment. You can resume your usual activities the day of treatment, and sports and work outs the day after. 

Am I a Good Candidate for PRP for Hair Loss?

Since PRP uses blood taken from your body, the risk of a reaction is minimized. PRP is safe and effective for almost anyone, but certain medications such as aspirin may not be used around the time of the injections. The most common type of hair loss responds well to PRP. However, people with medical conditions affecting the scalp (such as alopecia areata) or long-term, significant balding might not make good candidates. Your dermatologist will assess your type of hair loss and medical history and determine if PRP may help you. 

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