Do you feel like excessive sweating is holding you back from feeling more comfortable in your personal and professional life?

If that’s the case, it’s time to discover the sweat-stopping powers of miraDry treatments. This innovative technology is the only permanent treatment approved by the FDA for the treatment of hyperhidrosis. 

Let’s take a closer look at this technology, including how much miraDry treatments may cost.

Boston Miradry

The current cost of a miraDry treatment in our office is approximatley $2,000.  

There are multiple factors that influence the total cost of your miraDry treatment, including:

  • The clinical experience of your miraDry providers.  In our office our Board Certified Dermatologists administer the numbing medication to ensure you have a comfortable treatment and then one of our highly trained medical staff with years of experience with miraDry operate the device while you are completely comfortable.
  • How well your body responds to miraDry treatments. While most patients are completely satisfied after 1 treatment, about one third of patients choose to have an additional treatment to further improve their results.
  • Your timing.  At particularly points during the year, we may offer a $250 promotion of your procedure.  We do this to encourage potential patients that could benefit greatly to have the procedure- such as college students during the start of their summer vacation.

Unfortunately the cost of your miraDry treatments is not covered by your health insurance provider. However if you have a pre-tax Health Care Spending Account or Flexible Spending Account, you can utilize pre-tax dollars for your procedure.  If you’ve been diagnosed with hyperhidrosis, ask your insurance provider if they include FDA-approved miraDry under approved treatments for excessive sweating.

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How Does miraDry Stop Excessive Sweating?

miraDry stops excessive sweating via microwave energy delivered to a fixed depth in the skin, which targets and destroys overactive sweat glands in the armpits (don’t worry, you are numb so it doesn’t hurt). Once these overactive sweat glands are treated, they cease to function – meaning you can say goodbye to excessive underarm sweating.

Even after miraDry treatments, your body will still sweat – just at a more normal rate and the rest of your body’s sweating remains unchanged. You will still be able to cool your body down perfectly during exercise and heat. Underarm sweat is not a key part of body cooling and so reducing it will not impair the normal cooling function of sweating in the rest of the body.

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