If you have a “double chin” or a layer of fat below your chin, you may feel self-conscious. Whether your double chin is caused by the natural process of aging, genetics, or weight gain, Kybella may be a great option. It’s an FDA-approved, non-surgical,  injectable procedure that can reduce excess fat below your chin, and even reduce the size of jowls. If you’re intrigued and wondering how much Kybella may cost you, keep reading.

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Kybella Pricing

Since each Kybella treatment plan is unique, pricing varies from patient to patient. On average, however, Kybella treatments cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,400 per treatment. The number of treatments you’ll need will play a vital role in the total cost. In some cases we may recommend using Coolsculpting first to debulk the fat in the submental area. Coolsculpting does not cause the post procedure swelling of Kybella so results in less downtime. It may also be less expensive for the first and second treatment. Coolsculpting treatment can be followed by Kybella after results are realized to fine tune the area and to decrease jowls.

It’s essential to understand that since Kybella is a cosmetic treatment, rather than a medical necessity, your insurance will not cover it. The good news is that we can discuss a treatment plan that involves multiple procedures to achieve your desired results over time. Payment is per treatment and you do not have to commit to an expensive package in advance. You can learn about the price of your Kybella treatment in a consultation at our office in Wellesley Hills, MA.

How Kybella Works

Kybella is an injectable treatment formulated with a synthetic deoxycholic acid, which is identical to what your gall bladder produces every day. Deoxycholic acid breaks down and helps the body absorb dietary fat. Our board certified dermatologists inject Kybella into the fat beneath your chin, and in your jowls, to permanently reduce fat cells, leaving you with a slimmer face all with minimal discomfort. For the double-chin areas, we suggest receiving three to four treatments spaced eight to twelve weeks apart. Alternatively we often treat patients with 1-2 submental Coolsculpting treatments followed by 1-2 Kybella treatments. To reduce jowls only 1-2 treatments are generally necessary.

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Is Kybella Permanent?

After Kybella destroys your fat cells, those cells will no longer be able to store or accumulate fat. Therefore, you shouldn’t require any additional treatment once you achieve your desired results. Kybella is truly a permanent solution to your double chin and only has minimal pain and some post-operative bruising and swelling.

Good Candidates for Kybella

If you have moderate to fuller fat beneath your chin, you may be a great candidate for Kybella. We often recommend it to patients who lead a healthy lifestyle yet can’t seem to get rid of stubborn chin fat.  You should note that Kybella is not a weight-loss treatment so it’s not a good fit if your primary objective is to lose weight.

After seeing Dr. Krauss for many years, I can’t imagine trusting my skin to any other doctor. Her experience and expertise, professional and reassuring manner, and her superb judgment and skill, have always produced the best results for me. I’ve referred many friends over the years; they’ve all been equally satisfied.

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