Whether you’ve tried CoolSculpting® for yourself or you’ve heard of it before, it’s time to introduce yourself to the newest CoolSculpting® treatment on the block:

CoolSculpting® Elite.

Read on to learn what makes CoolSculpting® Elite so special and exciting!

*Individual Results May Vary*

What Makes CoolSculpting® Elite So Different?

1. It treats more of your targeted area with larger applicators.

The newer Coolsculpting applicators are larger than previous models.  Each cycle treats more tissue leading to more impressive results with each treatment! 

2. CoolSculpting® Elite has a special C-shaped applicator

The new shape fits each bulge better with no air gaps and cools more thoroughly and efficiently injuring the maximum amount of fat with each cycle. 

 3. The Coolsculpting Elite device allows DualSculpting.

CoolSculpting® Elite is designed to use two applicators on a single machine, which is different from previous generations of CoolSculpting® technology. 

That means you can treat 2 areas at once- two arms, love handles, two outer thighs – saving you time and effort!

As you can see, CoolSculpting® Elite can really transform a CoolSculpting® treatment. It allows patients to experience better results in less time.  Plus, all our favorite things about Coolsculpting are still true- the procedure is painless, has no downtime at all, and leaves no marks or signs that you had any procedure performed!

CoolSculpting® Elite Consultations Available

Am I a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting® Elite?

You’re a good candidate for a CoolSculpting® Elite treatment if you have stubborn fat tissue that won’t respond to your diet and exercise efforts.

Ideal CoolSculpting® Elite patients are within 30 pounds of their ideal weight and committed to a healthy lifestyle to maintain their results.  

“I love, Love, Love this practice!! Dr. Nordan goes above and beyond. I have been seeing her for over 10 years and I would recommend her or any of these docs (who I’ve also seen). They are absolutely fabulous!!!” *

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