FAQs UltraClear Laser

What is the UltraClear Laser?

UltraClear is an Erbium laser. It is ablative, meaning it makes tiny holes in the skin of varying depths to remove unwanted pigment and cause collagen generation to smooth fine lines and wrinkles and improve color and texture.

What is unique about this laser?

The new technology in the UltraClear allows a very fast and thin beam of light to finely control the amount of tissue targeted, preventing heat accumulation. This minimizes the discomfort, recovery time, and risk of unwanted injury during the procedure. It can be used for mild all the way to more aggressive treatments and customized for each patient’s goals and skin type.

Is there downtime?

For the first 2-3 days you will experience redness and mild swelling that improves dramatically each day. For the remainder of the week, you may have some skin flaking and desquamation. The UltraClear can be done very gently to quite aggressively and the downtime is proportionate to the degree and type of laser depth and density planned to achieve your specific goals. Discuss your recovery time requirements with your provider at Krauss Dermatology to plan the treatment that will be just right for you.

What types of skin issues are addressed by UltraClear?

UltraClear has 2 modes that address both superficial and deep issues which can both be performed at the same visit. The superficial mode targets pigmentation, dull texture, fine lines and the appearance of pores. The deeper mode targets wrinkles, laxity and acne scars.

What are the risks of UltraClear?

It is important to avoid infection in the post-treatment period until the skin is completely healed. Oral medication for cold sores is often necessary and careful adherence to instructions for skin care post-procedure is imperative. Discoloration can occur particularly if our instructions regarding sun exposure before and after the procedure is not followed. Scarring is extremely rare.