Post- Microneedling Instructions

Post- Microneedling Instructions:

Day of treatment

  • Liberally apply the Elta MD Laser Enzyme Gel every 1-2 hours for the remainder of the day. When it dries you may apply Elta MD Barrier Renewal Complex on top. Use clean hands to apply (hand sanitizer or soap and water).
  • Avoid sweat inducing activities for at least 12 hours post treatment.
  • Avoid significant sun exposure for at least 72 hours post treatment.

Day 2, 3 and 4 Post Treatment

  • Step 1. Clean skin thoroughly with Elta MD foaming cleanser.
  • Step 2. Apply Elta MD Laser Enzyme Gel liberally over entire treated area, and let dry to touch.
  • Step 3. Apply a thin layer of Elta MD Barrier Renewal Complex on top.
  • Step 4. AM only, apply Elta MD Elements sunscreen containing only zinc and titanium (not necessary if you are not leaving your house). This will also act as a cover up. Do not apply any chemical sunscreens.

We recommend using no makeup products until 5 days post treatment, only the Elta MD Elements sunscreen as above. Do not use any glycolic acids, retinols or other potentially irritating products until at least 5 days post treatment. At this point you may resume your regular skin care regimen.

Call our office (781.416.3500) if you experience increasing pain, crusting, swelling or skin lesions post treatment.