Post-PRP Instructions

Post-Procedure Instructions

  1. Do not touch, rub or massage your scalp on the day of your procedure.
  2. You may wash your hair the day of treatment but be gentle to avoid discomfort.
  3. Do not apply any products to the scalp, such as sprays, colorants or gels for 48 hours.
  4. Tenderness and mild bruising is normal but call our office if you have pain, fever or chills, a significant area of discoloration or bruising, or if you have any other unusual symptoms.
  5. Avoid exercise, excessive heat (such as hot tubs or saunas) and swimming for 48 hours.
  6. Continue aspirin if medically necessary, but avoid NSAIDs and aspirin if possible for 1 week to maximize activation of the PRP in the scalp.
  7. Hydrate well by drinking at least 3 full glasses of water per day for the week post procedure.