As we’re rounding the corner from the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are starting to think about what life will be like once we come out of quarantine.

And if you’re someone who has always considered getting laser hair removal done but have put it off, now may be the perfect time to do it.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective, non-invasive procedure that gradually eliminates hair and reduces the thickness of any remaining hair at the treated site.  The result is a smooth area without ingrown hairs or stubble.

A common question we answer in regard to this treatment is how long laser hair removal may last.

Laser Hair Removal Boston

*Individual Results May Vary*

Laser Hair Removal Results: What to Expect

Most patients require a minimum of 5 laser treatments for long-term results and up to 8 treatments to achieve the best results possible.

Many follicles are completely destroyed or reduced to produce “vellus” or baby fine hairs.  Those remaining are often light, not very visible and slower growing.  

The easiest areas to treat quickly and successfully are the bikini and underarm areas in women, and the back in men.

In some areas such as the lip and chin in women, hormonal stimulation acts to increase hair in the area even as existing follicles are destroyed or reduced to the fine vellus hairs.  Those areas may need maintenance treatments.  However the relief from daily plucking and frequent waxing is worth it!

You can expect your laser hair results to last years and in most cases, results are permanent. However keep in mind you may need occasional touch-up treatments to keep the area looking its best, particularly with facial treatment.

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Best Candidates for Laser Hair Removal

The best candidates for laser hair removal treatments are those individuals who have light to medium skin tones and dark, coarse body hair. 

Ideal candidates should also be willing to commit to their laser hair removal sessions, as it may require multiple treatments to see best results.  Results are best when the initial laser sessions are regularly spaced 1 to 2 months apart.

You may not get laser treatment if you have even a slight tan, as the risk of burning the skin is greatly increased.  You must also protect the treated area from the sun after your procedure to avoid discoloration of the treated area.  So plan accordingly!

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