What is Pronox?

If you have been hesitant to undergo cosmetic treatments because of your pain tolerance or anxiety levels, you’re in luck. Krauss Dermatology is pleased to offer Pro-nox, nitrous oxide and oxygen delivery systems designed to ensure optimal comfort during cosmetic treatments. We provide Pro-nox as an option for any patient undergoing Ultherapy or the Fraxel Dual Laser.

Candidates for Pronox

Pronox is ideal if you feel particularly anxious or nervous before a cosmetic treatment. It can help you feel more comfortable mentally and physically during the procedure. During a consultation, our dermatologists can inform you if you’re a good candidate for Pro-nox.


The greatest benefit of Pronox is that it’s self-administered. This means you are in complete control of how much gas you receive. You’ll inhale the ideal amount of gas through your mouth and experience its effects immediately. Pronox is highly customizable to fit your unique needs and preferences. Rest assured our dermatologists will show you how to use the Pronox mouthpiece in advance so you know exactly what to do when it comes time for your treatment.

Schedule a Pronox Consultation

If you’re wondering whether you’re a good candidate for Pro-nox with your Ultherapy or Fraxel laser, schedule a consultation at Krauss Dermatology. Call us at 781-416-3500 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to meeting you!

Frequently Asked Questions

While we reserve Pronox for patients who opt for Ultherapy or the Fraxel Dual Laser, our dermatologists will be happy to pair it with other treatments for an additional cost.

The Pronox system is formulated with 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide.