Skin Checks and Biopsies

Skin checks and biopsies at Krauss Dermatology

Skin checks are the most important part of dermatologic care.  Often the skin cancers we find on our patients are found by our board certified dermatologists on a routine visit, or when a patient comes in concerned about a completely different issue or skin lesion.  In our practice, only our MDs perform skin checks.  Many years are spent honing our skills and using our eyes and dermatoscopes to help us identify risky skin lesions.  You deserve a skin check by the best trained dermatologists.

Yearly skin checks are generally appropriate for most patients.  Patients with increased risk for skin cancer including family history of melanoma, personal history of skin cancer, precancerous actinic keratoses, many moles, red hair, or history of severe sun damage or sun burns may see us more often.

When a growth is suspicious, our MDs perform a biopsy which is sent to a pathology lab.  Krauss Dermatology is committed to utilizing the best available laboratory to evaluate your biopsy specimen. We use Strata Diagnostics for our Dermatopathology lab, and other excellent specialty laboratories when clinically beneficial. World class skin pathologists review your slides and utilize cutting edge molecular testing when necessary for complex lesions. Find out more about this important partner in your care at

Krauss Dermatology is well equipped to take care of any skin cancers that are identified by biopsy. Excisions and skin cancer destructions are performed by our dermatologists, and Mohs Surgery is performed by Dr. Jessica Suzanne Mosher and her team on facial and high risk skin cancers with excellent cure rates and cosmetic results. Our team will advise you on post procedure care to ensure the skin cancer destruction heals optimally.

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