Lip Enhancement

Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement

Do you have subtle, vertical lip lines that you want to smooth without making your lips bigger or unnatural looking?  Do you have thin lips but wish you had more volume?  Do you want to make your lips more shapely, pouty and voluptuous?  There are so many ways to improve lips to achieve your own goals, from ultra-subtle to Vavavoom and everything in between.

Hyaluronic acid fillers Juvederm and Restylane have a variety of products from the thinnest fine line smoother to volume builders that are safe, effective and even reversible!  If you want to look like yourself, only so much better, you have come to the right place.

Do Lip Enhancement Fillers Hurt?

We make the procedure as comfortable as possible by using prescription strength numbing creams, ice packs, a variety of techniques using needle and cannula, and fillers that contain anesthetic in them.

Lip Enhancement Wellesley and Boston

*Individual Results May Vary*

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Will I Bruise?

The lip area is the most common place to bruise, so you should assume you will get some swelling and bruising. However, at Krauss Dermatology we take pride in getting rid of your bruising with our V-beam Prima laser. We encourage patients to come back to our office to get a quick “zap” with the laser which fades the bruise in a day instead of letting it fade over a week or more. If a bruise is visible at the time of the procedure, we can treat it with the laser right away. See our FAQs and instructions below for other ways to minimize bruising.

Why Have Your Lips Treated with Filler at Krauss Dermatology?

We love lips.  Many of our patients come in for their first lip area treatment petrified of looking overdone, then are thrilled with the completely natural looking improvement in their lips and the surrounding skin. Only board-certified dermatologists perform your filler procedure at Krauss Dermatology.  In 2019 alone we injected 1,500 syringes of filler with tremendous patient satisfaction. We make patients comfortable both physically and emotionally during the procedure. We fade bruises with our laser to get you back to social and professional life right away. If for any reason there is a slight irregularity or any kind of undesired result or reaction, we can dissolve the filler within hours with a dissolving agent (Hylenex) we always have on hand. You are treated in a medical office in procedure chairs that recline and adjust to allow you the most comfortable, successful and safe experience.

Lip Enhancement B-a Wellesley and Boston, Ma
*Individual Results May Vary*

What Products or Procedures are Used for Lip Rejuvenation?

The fillers we love and use around the lip and mouth area include:

We also recommend medical grade skin care products including Skinmedica HA5 Smooth and Plump System, Restorsea Pro Lip Magic and other facial products that will also improve the skin around the lips. In addition, Intense Pulsed Light Photorejuvenation, Fraxel and the Clear and Brilliant Laser can improve skin color, texture and tone around the lip area.

Lip Enhancement Wellesley and Boston, Ma

*Individual Results May Vary*

Is There Any Downtime?

After your procedure, your lips might appear a bit bruised and swollen at the injection site. These side effects usually fade within a week after your treatment. Our practice is dedicated to minimizing your downtime, so we are happy to treat bruises with our VBeam vascular laser to fade them in just a day or two.

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To learn more about LIP ENHANCEMENT, read the FAQs, pre and post-instruction information that can be found by clicking on the links below.

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*Individual Results May Vary*