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From the great minds that gave us CoolSculpting® and Laser Hair Removal comes Glacial Rx®, the first treatment of its kind that uses controlled cooling technology to remove age spots. Age spots (seborrheic keratoses) are made up of excess skin cells and an overproduction of melanin, which is responsible for the skin’s natural pigment. When these cells clump together, they can disrupt your complexion’s smooth, even tone and texture with age spots. Added to these are pigmented changes and dull skin texture from sun damage.  Glacial Rx® addresses all of these conditions.  The board-certified dermatologists at Krauss Dermatology are committed to the most advanced patient care with maximum impact and minimum downtime and risk.

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*Individual Results May Vary*

How Does Glacial Rx® Work?

Melanocytes introduce melanin into epidermal skin cells as natural protection from the sun. Too much and poorly distributed melanin results in age spots (liver spots) and lentigines (sun spots), which are tan or brown clusters of pigmented cells. They can mar an otherwise even complexion increase with age.

Glacial Rx® utilizes CryoModulation™, the process of temporarily freezing the melanocytes to suspend production of melanin. As new epidermal cells form, no extra pigment is infused into them as they replace older surface cells.  These clearer cells display a more even skin tone without the disruption of age spots. 

More aggressive but controlled cooling is used for the specific age spots that plague us on the face, chest, hands, legs or anywhere on the body.  In addition a more mild cooling and peel combination is used over the entire face, chest or hands. Glacial Rx® produces no uncomfortable heat. In fact, the treatment is incredibly relaxing and involves no pain. The use of cold instead of heat or laser light reduces any inflammatory response to minimize recuperation.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Patients of most skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale can be treated. If you’re bothered by age spots that disrupt an otherwise clear complexion, Glacial™ Rx treatment can help you restore your even tone for youthful, beautiful, glowing skin.

What is Glacial™ Rx Treatment Like?

Glacial™ Rx treatment is surprisingly relaxing and refreshing. Your Krauss Dermatology specialist will move the Glacial™ Rx handpiece over your treatment area, pausing for 15-20 seconds on each age spot. There’s no need for numbing agents. Following the individual age spot treatment a relaxing combination of peel and cold, exfoliating massage will be performed to reduce overall pigmentation and add vitality and reflective texture to the epidermis.  The cooling will also reduce redness and puffiness for an overall more renewed appearance. The whole treatment takes around 45 minutes to complete, after which you’re free to return to your everyday activities.

Is There Any Downtime?

Some patients report some reddening of the treatment area, mild crusting, or initial darkening of their age spots. This is the melanin reacting to the CryoModulation™ and resolves on its own. With no inflammation, there’s no recovery required.  Sunscreen and hat use is highly recommended before and after the procedure.  However, unlike some laser treatments, this procedure can be safely performed in all seasons.

What Results Can I Expect with Glacial Rx®?

It will take a few weeks for the new epidermal cells with less melanin to rise to the surface and replace existing cells, so you can expect your age spots to show noticeable fading around 1 month after treatment. More than one treatment may be necessary to erase the age spots for especially dark spots or large treatment areas. Glacial Rx® slows melanin production for an extended period, so age spots will be slow to return. Adopting the habit of using sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure will help prolong your Glacial Rx® results. Over time, melanin levels can increase with greater sun exposure, but the good news is that Glacial™ Rx treatments have no limit to the number of safe treatments.  

There is no need to commit to a series of treatments.  Each treatment will make your skin look better and it is up to the patient to decide if and when more treatments are desired.  We recommend waiting at least a month between Glacial Rx® procedures.

If your days spent enjoying the outdoors and the years themselves have taken a toll on your skin and age spots and sun damage have become a prominent concern, the Krauss Dermatology experts can clear these spots and brighten your skin for a youthful glow.

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