Facial Volume Loss

How Can I Add Fullness and Lift Back to My Face?

Do you ever stand in front of the mirror and pull your cheeks up with your fingers?  Over time the round cheeks and smooth jawline of our youth lose their ability to defy gravity. Fat pads in our cheeks and jowl area begin to sag. Depressions or furrows become evident from the corner of our mouth down the sides of the chin (marionette lines). Lower eyelids look hollow, tired and puffy. In the past, surgical procedures like facelifts were the only way to reverse these changes. Today, we can get amazing results without ever going near a scalpel. Fillers, injected via a tiny needle or thin tube called a cannula, can erase years from our face in minutes. Minimal discomfort and recuperation time is the norm.

*Individual Results May Vary*

A variety of fillers have been created to perfectly suit the tasks of facial rejuvenation. Cheeks are lifted with Voluma® or Restylane Lyft®, fine lines are smoothed with Juvederm® or Restylane Refyne®, furrows are erased with Juvederm Vollure® or Restylane®. Lips can be plumped and lip lines erased with Juvederm Volbella® and Ultra, or  Restylane Silk®.

These hyaluronic acid fillers are so safe and versatile, they can even be erased by another injection if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, if there is a small bump or irregularity, or if you have a rare allergic reaction. At Krauss Dermatology, our Board-Certified Dermatologists perform all filler procedures for your safety and satisfaction.  We have injected thousands of syringes of hyaluronic acid fillers with natural appearing, beautiful results.

Our guiding principle is to improve your appearance without overdoing it, or making your treatment look obvious.  If you want to look like yourself, only better and better, then you have come to the right place.  You can trust Krauss Dermatology experts for all of your skin care needs

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*Individual Results May Vary*