Patient Reviews

“Dr. Goddard has been my ideal dermatologist who takes great care of me on routine check-ups as well as some minor cosmetic dermatology treatments so far since 2020.

I appreciate her understanding of my tight schedules, her giving me undivided attention during a treatment, her stellar medical knowledge coupled with her excellent medical decisions and skillful hands. We communicate warmly and effectively during visits.

I treasure Dr. Goddard!”

via Krauss Dermatology

“Dr Goddard was recommended to my wife and me as a doctor who had the skills, knowledge and experience to best deal with our medical issues. She has exceeded our expectations.”

via Krauss Dermatology

Over my 10 years of being a patient at Krauss Dermatology, I have experienced every aspect of that practice from routine exams to pre cancer treatments to Mohs surgery to cosmetic care.  The support team makes the experience even more exceptional!  Susan at the front desk, Chris, Molly, and of course Drs. Krauss and Goddard have always supported me with incredible guidance and care.  The warmth and professionalism are so effortless that I wish that this was the norm for all other practices.

via Krauss Dermatology

“Dr. Krauss, Just a wordy note of appreciation for the fantastic colleagues you have at Krauss Dermatology. I was referred to Krauss when Harvard Vanguard lacked the expertise to do regular skin checks. I saw Dr. Bosworth and was very pleased. At my exam this year, he suspected basal cell skin cancer and referred me to Dr. Mosher, whom I saw yesterday. I just cannot say enough great things about yesterday’s visit. From the start, when someone (whose name I did not get) came out to inform me there would be a slight delay, to the very end, when Tina gave me all the follow-up care procedures, everything was handled perfectly. Sharon, Tina, Molly and a few others whose names I do not recall were very attentive, constantly updating me of what was happening and going to happen and unnecessarily apologizing for minor delays. Lastly, and most importantly. Dr. Mosher was just “the best.” She was very concerned about my comfort, answered all of my many questions, and of course did a fantastic job removing the cancer and stitching me up with no discomfort, let alone any pain. Then, when there was a minor snafu with my medication, I called the after hours number and quickly got a text back from Dr. Mosher who was attending her son’s evening concert. I felt badly interrupting Dr. Mosher and really would not expect such responsiveness. I obviously hope I never have to deal with cancer again, but if I do, Dr. Mosher and Krauss will be where I start and end. Thanks to you, Dr. Mosher and the great staff at Krauss.”

Donald via Krauss Dermatology

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Krauss for years. But my mom and aunt also both saw different people in her office for different reasons and that’s what prompted me to write this review. I had a terrible dog bite to the face that was mishandled by a plastic surgeon leading to chronic pain. The only person who was able to make a dent – and she made a huge one – in my pain was Dr. Krauss. She tried a few different things until she found solutions and to this day helps with the dog bite scar. I also see her for more vanity-related reasons and she always finds me the solution that is the most “natural” and cost-effective. She won’t recommend anything that is going to make you look fake.

As I mentioned, other doctors treated my 87-year old mother and my 89-year old aunt who has Alzheimer’s who had a cancerous growth removed. Everyone was terrific and kind. The office also runs like a well-oiled clock. In all my years there, I’ve never waited more than a couple of minutes (wish all my doctors were like that) and communication is great. A special shout out to Molly for communicating effectively with me about my aunt’s treatment.”

Alexa via Yelp

“Dear Dr. Krauss,
Today, I was a patient at your office,  for a procedure, for my skin condition. I just want you to know, that your staff are phenomenal.  Dr. Mosher was fantastic and Tina (nurse) treated me amazingly.  Fro the time I entered the room until the time I left, I was kept informed about the entire procedure. Thank you for providing me with peace of mind. I appreciate everything your practice did for me.”


“After seeing Dr. Krauss for many years, I can’t imagine trusting my skin to any other doctor. Her experience and expertise, professional and reassuring manner, and her superb judgment and skill, have always produced the best results for me. I’ve referred many friends over the years; they’ve all been equally satisfied”*

Valerie via Google

“Happy to be a new patient of this practice and enthusiastically recommend them. Everyone is pleasant and professional.”*

Lois via Facebook

“Living in Boston, it is easy to find a doctor that has impressive medical credentials like Dr. Norden, but to compliment it with excellent bedside manner and patient care is hard to find. Dr. Pamela Norden was the 3rd dermatologist I saw since moving to Boston in 2001. She has now been my doctor for the past 8 years and I’ve been very impressed with her knowledge and attentive care. Over the years, several family members have all been patients of Dr. Norden’s. Her professionalism and expertise are the reasons Dr. Norden will continue to be our dermatologist of choice for years to come.”*

Helene via Google

“Pam Norden at Krauss Dermatology is the absolute best in the business. She is fantastic with both children and adults.”*

Lorin via Google

“I really like coming here – specifically to see Dr. Norden (worth the drive). She’s very thorough, a good listener and detail oriented. I really appreciate that Dr. Norden doesn’t dismiss any question or concern – no matter how small or minor you may think it is – and she always explains very thoroughly why she’s recommending a particular course of action or treatment plan (I appreciate her clear communication). Dr. Norden is the best dermatologist that I have ever had – and she doesn’t hesitate to test anything that looks suspicious or that she wants confirmation about. My prior dermatologist waited over 18 months to test a suspicious spot on my nose and it turned out to be Basal Cell Carcinoma, requiring painful MOHs surgery and a skin graft. I feel like Dr. Norden is proactive, thorough and wouldn’t hesitate to test something sketchy. One other little thing that I LOVE about this doctor…I had some weird rough patch on my elbow that I had for years that I mentioned in passing during one of our appts. and the doctor gave me a couple of small free samples of this cream that cleared it right up in no time (like miraculously)…I later found out from my pharmacy that this miracle cream typically costs hundreds (literally hundreds) of dollars and most insurance companies don’t cover it. This one small gesture from the doctor saved me a ton of $. However, (more importantly) Dr. Norden saw a way she could solve a relatively minor problem, acted proactively and didn’t try to write me out a costly prescription when she had some samples readily available to help me. That’s how Dr. Norden rolls. Can’t beat that.”*

Denise via Google

“I love, Love, Love this practice!! Dr. Nordan goes above and beyond. I have been seeing her for over 10 years and I would recommend her or any of these docs (who I’ve also seen). They are absolutely fabulous!!!”*

Carolyn via Facebook

“Patient for 10+ years. Most trusted, friendly group of physicians staff I’ve EVER encountered. From mole removal, to state-of-the art cosmetic procedures, I wouldn’t go anywhere else…Dr. Norden is an perfectionist and a true “artist “. Also, a curious scientist always learning and sharing the latest and greatest treatments for all skin conditions. Thanks!!!”*

Adam via Google

“Dr. Norden has a wonderful manner. I went for an annual skin check and she is respectful, friendly, professional. I was sorry to lose my retired dermatologist, but happy that Dr. Norden seems to be a great replacement! Staff also very professional and friendly.”*

Karen via Google

“Years ago, I had a dark spot on the back of my shoulder. Two dermatologists had looked at it, months apart. Both told me, don’t worry, it was nothing. One of the two was the Chief of Dermatology at a large Boston hospital. I asked Dr. Krauss, then a new resident to look at it. I told her it worried me, and she said it worried her too. She removed it and had it biopsied. It was a melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. She literally saved my life.”*

Stuart via Google

“Professionalism, personal approach to treatment and on time appointments”*

Jack via Facebook

“I have been seeing Dr. Krauss for probably eight years and my boys all see other doctors in the practice. They are thorough, nice, timely, have a great staff, and really keep our skin looking great. If you are curious about cosmetic procedures they offer everything under the sun and never push you to do things. Highly recommended.”*

Ellen via Google

“I have been seeing Dr.Krauss since she opened her practice amazing Dr and staff!!!”*

Courtney-Rose via Facebook

“Dr. Krauss is an outstanding person which is equal to her clinical expertise.”*

Marc via Facebook

“Never been happier with my interaction and exams with Dr. Nordan. Recently had to have Moes procedure. Dr. Mosher is so professional and yet able to put someone like me who was pretty fearful, At ease. Can’t say enough about a reception staff as well.”*

Patti via Google

“Dr. Norden takes wonderful care of both me and my husband. We are most grateful for her kindness, compassion and expertise.”*

Cindy via Faceook

“Everyone I dealt with was great from the staff to the doctor. And a generally kind atmosphere.”

James via Google

“The greatest staff of any office I have ever visited.”*

Kristen via Facebook

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