If you wish you had a brighter, more radiant complexion, dermaplaning can help. It removes old, dead skin cells and fine facial hair to improve your skin and help you look your best. During a dermaplaning treatment, a special stainless-steel scalpel is used across your skin. If the scalpel concerns you and you’re wondering whether dermaplaning is painful, keep reading.

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What to Expect From a Dermaplaning Treatment

After the scalpel is used across your skin to remove any dead skin cells, peach fuzz, oil, and dirt, one of our cosmetic experts will give you a gentle micropeel that will hydrate and further exfoliate your skin and allow it to achieve a beautiful glow. 

One of the most common myths of dermaplaning is that it’s painful. The reality is that since dermaplaning involves light feathery strokes, you’ll find it to be pleasant and pain-free. Most patients report that it is far more comfortable that popular treatments like waxing, lasering, or threading. Some of them even report that dermaplaning treatments are quite relaxing and they actually look forward to receiving them. 

If offers instant results and can allow for makeup and tinted moisturizers to smoothly glide over the skin as they won’t get trapped in dry, dead skin or by fine hairs. Following a dermaplaning treatment, you can resume work and daily activities immediately.

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How Often Should Dermaplaning Be Performed

You will appreciate the results of Dermaplaning and Micropeel after just one treatment. For the very best results, however, our dermatologists suggest dermaplaning and micropeel treatments every 3 to 4 weeks. This way, your skin can complete its normal rejuvenation cycle in 30 days before you have the treatment performed again. You may be surprised to learn that even one dermaplaning treatment will remove two to three weeks of dead skin and fine hair growth from your face.

Good Candidates for Dermaplaning

If you have dull skin and hope to achieve a brighter, healthier complexion, and/or peach fuzz that you would love to be without, dermaplaning is a great treatment. It’s even a good option if you’re pregnant as it can be performed without a peel  for a beautiful pregnancy glow. If you have active or cystic acne, thick or coarse facial hair, psoriasis or eczema, our dermatologists discourage this treatment.

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