Ready to eliminate an annoying chore from your personal care routine? Laser hair removal lets you stop continuously wasting your money and time on waxing, shaving, or other temporary methods for getting rid of face and body hair. This treatment lets you achieve long-lasting results that free you to enjoy wearing what you want, any time you want, with no concerns about unwanted hair or ugly ingrowns.

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Removing unwanted hair is a tedious, usually uncomfortable task, which helps make laser hair removal such a popular treatment. Unlike methods that remove the hairs but leave the follicles intact, laser hair removal stops hair growth from the root, so your results last. The laser uses a wavelength that targets a pigment called melanin that gives hair its color. The melanin absorbs the laser energy and heats up, damaging the follicle so it no longer grows hair. A series of treatments can provide long-lasting hair removal. 

What to Expect During Laser Hair Removal

You should arrive for your laser hair removal session with clean skin that has been shaved within the last 24 hours. Treatment usually takes about 20 minutes but may last longer if you have a large area or several areas treated. The process can be uncomfortable, often described it as feeling like a rubber band snapped against the skin. Your Krauss Dermatology team has several options to ensure a comfortable treatment experience including the use of numbing cream prior to the procedure.

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What Not to Do After Laser Hair Removal

Since laser hair removal treats the pigmented root of the follicles, and spares the less pigmented skin, there is minimal damage to the treated area. You can return to your usual activities immediately after treatment. However, your skin will be sensitive for a few days, so we recommend following these tips:


  • Expose treated skin to the sun since it will be very sensitive to injury and discoloration
  • Apply scented, harsh, or irritating skincare products to the area
  • Put antiperspirant or deodorant on treated underarms for 24 hours

Between sessions, you should avoid waxing or any other methods that remove hair from the roots. You should also avoid bleaching your hair, which removes the pigment, and does not tan or apply artificial tanning products. 


  • Apply sunscreen and limit sun exposure using sun-protective clothing, hats, etc.
  • Apply a non-irritating makeup product to cover temporary redness
  • Use a cold compress (towel with cold water) to calm redness and prevent irritation

Between sessions, you can shave as often as necessary. You can start using your usual products again after a few days. 

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

The number of laser hair removal treatments you need varies widely depending on several factors. Hair in different areas of the body responds to different growth triggers and on different cycles. As a result, some areas require more sessions than others. On average, people require four to six sessions to achieve long-lasting results.

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