Post-Clear & Brilliant Instructions

Post-Clear + Brilliant Instructions:

  • The treated area may turn pink and slightly swollen. After a couple of days, depending on the condition treated, you may experience many small black specks on the treated area which will peel away. Some tenderness and itching may also develop. A sandpaper-like texture may also be appreciated.
  • You may use Tylenol for discomfort after the procedure. Cool tap water compresses may be used for discomfort.
  • After a gentle treatment, redness may be seen for 3-5 days. With more aggressive treatments, dark brown scale and/or a “sandpaper” like feel may be present. Mild swelling may last up to 5 days. Make-up may be worn but we recommend you wait 24 hours before applying. Particular care must be taken to avoid irritation of the skin while removing your make-up. Avoid abrasive or irritating makeup removers. We recommend using a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and physical sunscreen. Glycolic acid and retinols may be resumed after 7 days or when peeling and dryness have resolved.
  • Sun protection including SPF 30 sunscreen, and a hat when in direct sun are mandatory for at least four weeks after each treatment. To maintain your results, these sun protective measures should continue indefinitely as well as appropriate skincare.