Post-GlacialRX Instructions

Post-Treatment Instructions:

  1. The spot treated areas will turn pink. After a couple of days, they will appear darker, and by 10 days they should flake off. Makeup can be worn over these spots.
  2. You will be given a “goodie bag” to take home which will consist of a Cream (which you will apply several times a day to the spot treated areas), and a Serum (to apply nightly to the full face). It is important to keep the spot treated areas moisturized as it will speed up the healing and fading process.
  3. You may resume application of retinoids, glycolic/lactic acid, lightening creams 5-7 days after the treatment. Avoid physical exfoliation (scrubs, face cloths, face brushes, etc) for 2 weeks after.
  4. Sun protection including SPF 30 sunscreen and a hat when in direct sunlight are mandatory for at least 4 weeks after each treatment. To maintain results, these sun protective measures should continue indefinitely.