Does your skin itch, flake, or feel tight? Almost all of us deal with dry skin somewhere on our face or body at some point, especially as we age. Dry skin treatment can help you feel more comfortable and keep your skin healthy. Healthy skin can do a better job of acting as a barrier to keep out irritants and potential invaders. Our team understands the underlying causes of dry skin and will assist you with developing a comprehensive management plan. 

What Causes Dry Skin?

Dry skin can have a range of underlying causes. Some people notice dry skin in response to environmental factors, such as cold, dry air in the winter. Others may experience it throughout the year. Factors that affect whether you develop dry skin include:

  • Weather conditions such as low humidity
  • Frequent water exposure
  • Moisture-stripping cleansers
  • Skin irritants
  • Allergic reactions
  • Medication side effects

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is a common type of dry, itchy skin that also involves inflammation and breakdown of the skin’s resistance to irritants. The immune system plays a role in this condition, which benefits from management by a dermatologist. Many types of dry skin can be managed at home with a few simple steps and affordable products. 

How Can I Treat My Dry Skin?

Dry skin treatment depends on your skin type, individual triggers, and underlying causes. In many cases, treating dry skin involves a combination of adding beneficial products and habits while eliminating those that contribute to the problem. 


If you have dry skin, you have probably slathered it with lotion in an attempt to get relief. Not all moisturizers have the same benefits. At Krauss Dermatology, we recommend fragrance-free products designed for sensitive or eczema-prone skin. You can also use natural remedies like coconut oil as an unscented, additive-free option. We can recommend several easily available products for you to try. We may also recommend hydrocortisone ointment for itching. 

Limit Hot Water

While the idea of water stealing moisture from your skin seems counterintuitive, hot water or repeated hand-washing can strip your skin of its natural oils. If you have dry skin, we recommend taking cooler showers, not soaking in hot baths, and using a moisturizer regularly if you have to wash your hands often. 

Avoid Environmental Factors

Many factors in your environment can dry your skin. Many cleansers strip your skin’s moisture, and some lotions can contain ingredients that cause more irritation instead of calming it. Common household products and chlorine from swimming pools are also common triggers. Avoid perfumes and fragrances if you find that these contribute to the problem. 

Dry Skin Treatment Consultations Available

When Should I See a Dermatologist About My Dry Skin?

Dry skin should not limit your ability to enjoy life. If your efforts to manage your dry skin still leave you feeling tight, flaky, and itchy, we recommend an appointment with our dermatologists. We specialize in helping you develop an individualized dry skin management plan.

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