Choosing the right facial products for your skin type and concerns can be daunting. A good skincare routine helps keep your skin looking smooth and healthy. Your dermatologist at Krauss Dermatology will work with you to address your skin concerns and establish good skincare habits.

What is the Best Skincare Routine?

The best skincare routine is unique for each person. Factors in establishing a skincare routine include:

  • Your age
  • Your skin type
  • Your specific concerns (acne, pigmentation issues, anti-aging, etc.)
  • How much time and effort you want to spend on your routine

You can establish a skincare routine on your own with some trial and error. Enlisting the help of a dermatologist will open up options you may not have been aware of. In addition, a dermatologist can provide in-office treatments and professional-grade skincare for maximum results. 

Your basic skincare routine will have several necessary steps and others you may add. While some of these steps are part of your daily routine, others may be performed a few times a week. Others may be performed in your dermatologist’s office once or a few times a year to maintain firmer, smoother skin. 

These three steps are considered essential to every skincare routine:

  • Cleansing
  • Moisturizer
  • Sun protection

Other steps that can be beneficial, especially for targeting specific skin conditions, include toners and serums. These come in a wide range of formulations to target issues like acne, textural issues, and fine lines and wrinkles. 

What Should I Use for My Daily Skincare Routine?

Your Krauss Dermatology skincare expert will recommend products and treatments that can benefit your skin type and concerns. Many people achieve good results with widely available products from high-quality drugstore brands. However, some of these products may not contain all the active ingredients you need. They may also contain irritants such as fragrances that cause irritation or breakouts for many people. 

Dermatologists often recommend that your skincare routine includes products containing antioxidants such as vitamin C to be used under sunscreen. You may also benefit from a retinol treatment to promote cell turnover. Other ingredients can target specific concerns such as pigmentation (lightening agents), redness, and aging skin (growth factors).

Skincare Routine Consultations Available

Can a Dermatologist Help With My Skincare Routine?

Along with guiding your at-home skincare routine, your dermatologist offers in-office treatments that can rejuvenate and firm your skin. These treatments can address more significant concerns than at-home methods. They include:

  • Laser treatments like Fraxel® and Clear and Brilliant®

They also offer advanced, medical-grade skincare products not available in stores. They take the guesswork out of choosing products that will work well together to target your unique concerns. 

How Soon Will I See Results From My Skincare Routine? 

The results of an at-home skincare routine take time to appear. When adding a new product, you may start seeing changes within a few days. In most cases, results will take a few weeks or months, depending on the treatment

Results of in-office treatments can appear within days, but full results may take several months to develop. Treatments like lasers trigger collagen production that happens gradually. Your dermatologist will explain what you can expect and how often you will need treatment.

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