If you sweat more than most people, your condition has a name: hyperhidrosis. In the past, treatments for excessive underarm sweating provided very little help. Now we offer miraDry®, an effective way to stop embarrassing sweat with lasting results

What is miraDry® for Hyperhidrosis? 

Many people with hyperhidrosis do not find relief with topical antiperspirants. Treatments like Botox® may work well but will require repeated appointments to maintain the effect. Krauss Dermatology offers a better option with miraDry®, a long-term hyperhidrosis treatment. This method deactivates sweat glands in the underarms to stop excessive sweating and eliminates underarm odor as well

How Does miraDry® Work?

Non-invasive miraDry® uses microwaves that target your sweat glands with thermal energy. This energy permanently damages the sweat glands, causing them to stop producing sweat. The rest of your body sweats normally at rest and with excercise so there is no downside to stopping your excessive underarm sweat. Your Krauss Dermatology provider will map out the underarm area with a grid and use a handpiece to transmit the microwave energy. We use lidocaine and miraDry®’s specialized skin-cooling system to maintain your comfort throughout treatment, which usually takes about an hour. 

Am I a Candidate for miraDry®?

Good candidates want a lasting, maintenance-free solution to hyperhidrosis or odor. This treatment is safe for all skin types and tones. You may not have miraDry® if you tend to form keloid scars, have a medical implant such as a pacemaker, or have an infection or irritation in the treatment area. You must also wait to have miraDry® if you are pregnant. Only a consultation can determine whether you are a good candidate for miraDry®.

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Is There Any Downtime With miraDry®?

By keeping the skin surface cooled during treatment, miraDry® requires no downtime. You can return to most of your usual activities immediately. Your underarm area may feel swollen and sensitive for a few days, with some effects lasting a few weeks. Ice packs can greatly reduce tenderness post-treatment.  Defer vigorous exercise for a week.  You may notice that your underarm skin has a bumpy texture for a few weeks, but this will also resolve on its own. 

What Results Will I See With miraDry®?

Patients notice a decrease in sweating immediately after miraDry® treatment. Most patients benefit from one treatment while approximately one third of patients require a second to appreciate full resolution of hyperhidrosis. Altogether 93% find miraDry eradicates their sweating problem.  With a decrease in underarm sweating, people also achieve relief from underarm odor, with 80% reporting they no longer considered it a problem. Your sweat glands should not return, so you can expect your miraDry® results to last a lifetime. 

After seeing Dr. Krauss for many years, I can’t imagine trusting my skin to any other doctor. Her experience and expertise, professional and reassuring manner, and her superb judgment and skill, have always produced the best results for me. I’ve referred many friends over the years; they’ve all been equally satisfied.

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