Full, plump lips can enhance your entire face. Lip enhancement offers a solution if you have thin lips or your lips have lost volume over time. At Krauss Dermatology, we offer Juvederm®, RHA® and Restylane® lip fillers to achieve beautiful lips with a natural look and feel. You can achieve your desired lips with a few quick injections and no artificial appearance. 

How Does Lip Enhancement Work? 

At Krauss Dermatology, we use Juvederm®, RHA® and Restylane® lip fillers for lip enhancement. We offer several fillers for this purpose: Juvederm® Ultra XC and Vobella, RHA® Redensity and RHA2 and Restylane® Silk and Refyne. All contain lidocaine to make injections more comfortable. Prior to lip filler we also apply a very potent lidocaine ointment to numb the areas.  These fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, which is found in your skin, and numerous beauty products. Hyaluronic acid holds moisture in the skin for a natural-looking plumping effect.  Fillers can be injected into the pink body of the lip, the border of the lip and even the annoying vertical creases and wrinkle to perfect your lip and the surrounding area.

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*Individual Results May Vary*

How Much Does Lip Enhancement Cost?

The cost of hyaluronic acid lip fillers nationally varies based on several factors, including:

  • Your location
  • Your provider’s skill and experience
  • The type of filler used
  • The amount of filler used

Lip filler is typically measured in syringes. On average, lip filler treatment costs about $675 to $775 per syringe. One syringe is generally plenty for treating your lips, but an additional syringe may be necessary to treat fine wrinkles around the lip or marionette creases below the corner of the mouth if that is part of your goal.  At Krauss Dermatology, only board-certified dermatologists perform dermal filler injections to treat lips. Their skill and experience ensure that you achieve your desired results. If you have questions about the cost of your lip filler, we recommend a consultation so we can assess your individual needs. 

What Should I Expect After Lip Enhancement?

You will notice increased lip fullness immediately after your injections. Your lips may look a bit overly full due to minor swelling that usually resolves in a day or two. You may also notice some redness or sensitivity. We recommend avoiding rubbing the area for a few hours after treatment. If you have minor soreness, take Tylenol instead of NSAIDs like ibuprofen to limit swelling and bruising. 

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How Long Does Lip Enhancement Last?

Because of their mobility, lips should only be injected by an expert physician. Lip fillers must achieve a balance between adding volume, enhancing shape, correcting aging and remaining flexible. The average lifespan of lip fillers is about one year. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Lip Enhancement?

Almost anyone with thin or aging lips makes a good candidate for lip enhancement. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are widely used and very safe. Lip fillers are even removable with a simple injection!  Ideal candidates have reasonable expectations and want to see natural looking, fuller, plumper lips. You should not have lip filler if you have an active cold sore or other skin issue around the lip area. If you tend to get cold sores you will be advised to take medication (valacyclovir) before and after treatment.

“After seeing Dr. Krauss for many years, I can’t imagine trusting my skin to any other doctor. Her experience and expertise, professional and reassuring manner, and her superb judgment and skill, have always produced the best results for me. I’ve referred many friends over the years; they’ve all been equally satisfied”

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If you have further questions about lip enhancement, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at Krauss Dermatology. Call us at (781) 416-3500 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to taking care of you.