You may know about the many uses of Botox® when it comes to smoothing away wrinkles and fine lines – but did you know that Botox® is used for a variety of health conditions?

So if you’ve ever wondered, “What is Botox® used for?” then you’ll want to read this article!

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Botox® for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Of course, we should start this article with an exploration of what Botox® is most famous for – smoothing away the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

That’s because Botox®’s active ingredient – botulinum toxin – intercepts the signals that the nervous system is sending to muscles in the treated area. By doing this, Botox® helps those muscles become more relaxed, which in turn helps smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.

Botox® works to ease muscles that are engaged in constant micro-movements. For example, our forehead and eyebrow muscles are constantly squinting and furrowing throughout the day – and all of this repetitive movement creates wrinkles.

By relaxing these muscles, Botox® helps ease the appearance of wrinkles resulting from these micro-movements as well as larger facial expressions such as furrowing.

Botox® can be used to treat forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the brows, and crow’s feet as approved by the FDA.   Off label we frequently use it to relax upper lip vertical lines, help downturned mouth corners by injected the jawline, smooth the golfball pattern on tense chins and relax vertical neck bands.  Botox® results last for three to four months or more before maintenance is needed.  Most patients find 2-3 treatments per year work wonderfully.

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Botox® for Excessive Sweating

During clinical trials for Botox®, researchers found that those participants with hyperhidrosis – otherwise known as excessive sweating – reported much fewer instances of sweating.

As a result, Botox® is now an FDA-approved solution for patients with excessive underarm sweating!

Botox® works by blocking overactive sweat glands that can no longer properly regulate the body’s temperature. That means patients can see an almost immediate reduction in excessive sweating. These results can last for several months before another treatment is needed.

Botox® for Migraines

It’s not just hyperhidrosis that was found to be reduced by Botox® – participants in Botox® clinical trials reported a significant reduction in headaches as well.

As a result of these findings, Botox® has recently been introduced as a reliable – and FDA-approved – solution for people who suffer from chronic migraines. Typically, your GP or doctor will prescribe regular Botox® injections to help with migraine symptoms.

Other medical uses include treating eyelid spasms, problems with vocal cords, contracted muscles and bladder spasms.  It’s safety profile in these various conditions over decades explain why the cosmetic use of this amazing medication is extremely low risk.

Speak to your primary care M.D. or neurologist (for migraines) about whether medical treatment with Botox® is right for you.

Is Botox® Cosmetic Right for You?

If you have mild to moderate signs of aging on your forehead and around your eyes, you may be a good candidate for Botox® injections at Krauss Dermatology. These injections take about 15 to 20 minutes to perform, and results can be seen about one to two weeks after your session

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