Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can affect your confidence and keep you from enjoying activities. Treat this frustrating problem with miraDry®, a long-lasting solution to underarm sweat. This treatment relieves hyperhidrosis and the associated odor so you can stop worrying about how much you sweat. 

What is miraDry® for Hyperhidrosis?

Non-invasive miraDry® is an effective and permanent treatment for excessive underarm sweating. This treatment addresses the root cause of the problem by targeting your sweat glands. It uses thermal energy that heats, deactivates, and destroys sweat glands, stopping them from producing sweat. Unlike treatments like Botox® that provide temporary relief, miraDry® results are long-lasting.

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How Does miraDry® Work?

Your Krauss Dermatology board-certified dermatologist will begin your treatment by numbing your underarm area and marking it with a grid. Another member of the medical team will then follow this grid while moving the handpiece over your skin. The handpiece emits thermal energy to target sweat glands. Due to the previous numbing, the energy delivery is completely comfortable.  It also uses a cooling system to protect your skin during treatment. The thermal energy also affects hair follicles so you will see reduced hair growth in the underarm. In addition, stopping the excessive sweat deprives underarm bacteria of their food source, preventing odor. 

How Long Does Swelling Last After miraDry®?

Since miraDry® is non-invasive, you can return to light activity immediately after treatment. Most people take the rest of the day to rest and put ice (frozen water bottles wrapped in a towel) on the area. Swelling and soreness usually fade in less than a week. You can speed this process by using ice packs as directed. You may also notice bruising and a bumpy, uneven texture. These are normal and will disappear within about a week. Follow your dermatologist’s aftercare instructions to achieve your best results.

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What Results Will I See After miraDry®?

Most people only need one miraDry® treatment to achieve sweat and odor control. You will notice less sweating almost immediately. Over time, you will notice a significant decrease in your hyperhidrosis and less hair growth. As sweating decreases, you will also notice less underarm odor. 

Hyperhidrosis treatment with miraDry® is extremely effective. Research shows that after one month, 93% of people were no longer bothered by sweat. 80% no longer found odor a problem. Unlike treatments like Botox®, your miraDry® results will not need touch-up treatments and may last a lifetime. Nobody needs underarms sweat to cool their body down from exercise or heat, so there are no adverse effects on your body’s temperature regulation.

As the first FDA-approved treatment to eradicate excessive underarm sweating this way, miraDry® is a unique option for restoring your confidence. Am I a Good Candidate for miraDry®?

Most people with excessive underarm sweating are good candidates for miraDry®. Candidates should be generally healthy and have reasonable expectations. You should not have miraDry® if you have certain health conditions. You should not have treatment if you have a skin infection in the treatment area. Only a consultation can determine whether miraDry® is right for you.

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